About Us
The Author

With over 25 years' of wide ranging experience in the marketing world on the client side (heading up marketing departments for PacifiCare Health Systems, Charter Medical Corporation, and CompCare), the research supplier side (heading up LRW's Innovation and Actionability division) and the agency side (in account management and media at Foote, Cone & Belding; and Bozell), I•86 President Peter Kay has a well-rounded perspective on marketing services and the development of new concepts, strategies, and tactics.

Peter has created and implemented unique innovation techniques over the years to help clients generate and refine a wide range of new product and service concepts as well as innovative approaches in all other areas of the marketing mix.

Peter lives a high-energy lifestyle in Manhattan Beach, California, with his wife Sheri and their four kids (high energy a pre-requisite!). Beyond his family, his other passions are movies and sports—playing and watching. Interestingly, his favorite team is The New York Mets, who last won the World Series in...1986!

Supporting Cast
CREATIVE CATALYSTS—A large network of highly creative individuals with high energy and marketing savvy who can generate a lot of ideas, as well as build on others'. I•86 taps into this network for all assignments in order to bring in the "best" talent for the given project or challenge.

The Creative Catalysts bring a wide range of experience, background, and capabilities, including:
  • Ad Agency Skills
    • Account Management
    • Creative, Production
    • Media
    • Account Planning
  • Research Firms
  • Marketing Consultants
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Public Relations
  • Qualitative Moderators
  • Public Speakers
  • Web Developers
  • Trainers
  • Event Planners
  • Comedians
  • Writers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Sales People

TEAM LEADERS—For most innovation projects, there is a need to divide the entire group into separate teams. The team structure not only enables each of the participants to have a voice, but also encourages a healthy, competitive spirit between the participating teams. Each team has a team leader.

I•86 utilizes a network of team leaders who bring motivational skills, team facilitation, idea generation, and special presentation skill sets to these projects. These individuals have highly applicable backgrounds, including:
  • Management Positions
  • Task Force Leaders
  • Focus Group Moderators
  • Company/Division/Dept. Leads
  • Public Speakers
  • Strategic Planners

When Peter Kay told a trusted friend of his decision to start an innovation consulting services company of his own, the response was disappointing: "Does the world really need another one of those?"

At first, Peter was frustrated; but the more he thought about it, the better he felt. His friend's question was, after all, a relevant one—not just for a start-up, but for any company at any point in its existence. "So, why does the world need another innovation consulting company?" Peter confronted the query. What differentiates I•86 from the others? Peter knew the answer. Having spent much of his career in client-side marketing, he was all too familiar with the one-size-fits-all, boilerplate solutions, and he had had enough. Instead, he wanted to build a company forged on a solid foundation of innovation philosophies, but with enough flexibility built-in to provide customized innovation solutions to its clients—solutions that would directly address the disappointments they'd encountered in previous innovation attempts.

SO, WHY "I•86"? The name, by design, is meant to stimulate thought. In a broader scope, it expresses the very tenets behind the company:

"I" is for "Innovation." Pretty straightforward. The "86" is the fork in the road.

The literal meaning behind "86" is deletion (e.g. to get rid of). In order to innovate effectively, companies must deliberately eliminate all the obstacles that have impeded their innovation process in the past. The road to successful innovation must be cleared of debris and the potholes paved over.

Peter Kay's version of "86" occurred as a revelation the night before a major ideation in 2003. And it happened while watching Seinfeld—Episode #86—in which George realizes that every decision he's ever made has been wrong, and that if he just did the opposite of all his first impulses, he could potentially turn his whole life around. And it works! Next thing he knows, he's got a gorgeous new girlfriend and an enviable new job. What struck Peter with piercing clarity was that he had been using that same approach to help clients innovate—that when thrust into a dramatic perspective shift, his clients were able to perceive new concepts and ideas that otherwise would have remained concealed.

This is why "I•86" exists, and why it's called "I•86."