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usa todayHouse votes today on Gingrich's fate
Dodgers for sale; Brooklyn interested Dodgers for sale and Brooklyn's intrigued
In surprise announcement, owner Peter O'Malley says team's for sale.
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01/07/97- Updated 09:05 AM ET
Right-to-die debate fuels up
High Court to decide whether terminally ill people have right to hasten their deaths.
Honda CR-V

Austrian Airline hijacking ends quickly in Berlin, with hijacker overpowered, arrested.
Supreme Court rules judges can consider unproved crimes in sentencing.
European automakers roar back in 1996 to help lift U.S. car, truck sales up 2%.
Super Bowl ad roster filled up at $1.2 million a spot.
Slipping and sliding likely in Southern USA as mix of ice and snow settles in.
Phil Niekro the only member of Baseball Hall of Fame's Class of '97.
Sitcom star Courteney Cox gets down and dirty in Wes Craven's 'Scream.'
Gingrich: No more ethics revelations to come out.
College sports
Ohio State football stars Pace, Springs skip senior years to enter NFL draft.

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