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Gateways Exhibit
  1. Hallucinations (131k)
    Auriea Harvey / Entropy8 Digital Arts, 1998
    MetaCreations Painter, Adobe Photoshop, GifBuilder, Adobe Premiere, Javascript
  2. frog (18k)
    frogdesign, c.1997
    Adobe Photoshop, JavaScript
  3. BRNR LABS (59k)
    Michael French, c.1998
    Adobe Photoshop, GifBuilder, JavaScript
  4. AW3AS (15k)
    Academy of World Wide Web Arts & Sciences, c.1998
    Adobe Photoshop, JavaScript
  5. Ruder Finn (205k)
    Ruder Finn, 1998
    Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Flash, JavaScript
  6. iXL (68k)
    iXL, 1997
    Adobe Photoshop, Ulead GIF Animator, JavaScript, Helios Software Solutions TextPad
  7. Venu Interactive (32k)
    Venu Interactive, 1997
    Adobe Photoshop, Equilibrium DeBabelizer, JavaScript
  8. The Remedi Project, Further Maturation, Winter 1999, Introduction Credits (33k)
    Josh Ulm, 1998
    Macromedia Flash
  9. Capstar Broadcasting Corporation (64k)
    Antropica, 1998
    Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Flash